Extra Care, Assisted Living & Retirement Communities

Extra Care, Assisted Living & Retirement Communities

Extra Care, Assisted Living & Retirement Communities

Extra Care, Assisted Living & Retirement Communities Market Report 17th edition

will be published in October 2019


The 16th edition was published by Kingsbury Hill Fox in September 2018


ISBN 978 1 9997255 1 8



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This report will give you Philip’s information, insight, analysis & commentary on:


  • Integrated housing with care
  • Extra care
  • Care villages
  • Assisted living
  • Very sheltered housing
  • Retirement communities
  • Sheltered and private retirement housing




Philip exhibiting at ARCO in May 2017
Philip exhibiting at ARCO in May 2017


List of Tables

Facilities of seven extra care schemes 

Reasons for leaving extra care housing 

Percentage of households across occupancy rating and tenure categories

Difference from the bedroom standard by age band, England, 2009/10 to 2011/12 

Bournville Gardens accommodation

Tenure of extra care housing by market position

Housing with care for older people by region and tenure in England 2018 

Housing with care for older people by tenure in England various years 2010 to 2018

Housing with care for older people per 1,000 people 75+, by region & tenure 2018

New housing with care schemes & units in UK, 2001-2017

Housing with care for older people, by English ceremonial county, 2018

Housing with support for older people by region and tenure in England 2018

Housing with support for older people, by English ceremonial county, 2018

Housing with support for older people, England selected years 2010 to 2018

New and re-modelled sheltered and retirement housing units in the UK 1980-2017 

Housing with support for older people per 1,000 people 75+ by region and tenure, 2018

Management of housing with support and housing with care for letting by English region 2018

Housing with support and housing with care for letting by region in England, six years to 2018

Sheltered and very sheltered housing for older people provided by local authorities and housing associations in Scotland, by type of support, ten years to 2017 

Self-contained, supported and extra care housing stock for social rent, Wales to 2017/18

Market values for extra care and housing with support, England 2017

Members of Associated Retirement Communities Operators 2018

Managers of putative extra care housing with numbers for letting and leasehold 2018

Management groups with more than 40 housing with care and housing with support schemes for older people for rent in the UK, 2018 

Members of the Retirement Housing Group 2018

Management groups with more 10+ private retirement housing schemes in the UK, 2018

Features of McCarthy & Stone services

UK population numbers in 000s and percentage of population in age bands 2018-2068 

UK young female population and cumulative % change from 2018, 2018-2038

Healthy and non-healthy life expectancy age 65-69 for UK by nation and sex, 2014-16 

Prevalence of dementia by gender in the UK 2014 

Percent of older people in ordinary households unable to perform specific tasks, 1998 

All, one-person and couple-only household projections by age of household reference person, 000s, for England 2014 and 2039 

Demographic features of people moving into extra care housing and care homes  

Projected demand for housing in retirement communities at international rates, UK 2018-2068

Distance moved by households aged 55+ within last three years, England 2014/15

Number of pensioner units in the UK 2016/17 

Percentage of households by amount of savings and investments, and total weekly household income UK 2016/17

The average weekly incomes of pensioner units by broad age band and source, 2016/17

Real growth in UK pensioners’ gross incomes by age and sex for ten years to 2016/17

Median pensioners’ weekly incomes by region, UK 2014/15 to 2016/17 

Extra care units funded by the Extra Care Housing Fund 2004/05 to 2009/10

Savings of retired households excluding housing equity, UK 2016/17 

Households by tenure and age of head, UK 2013/14 

Owner occupation rates by age band, England 2016/17

Projections of owner-occupier couple households in the UK in 2006, 2016, and 2026

Equity for owner occupiers by age of the oldest person in the household, 2014-15

Household net property wealth of people aged 65 or over, Great Britain 2014-2016

Owner-occupier housing equity in Great Britain, by region and age band 

Simple average house prices, by dwelling type and region, UK 2017 

UK residential property transactions count 2010/11 to 2017/18

Comparison of operational models

Net weekly rent, social rent rate and service charges for large PRPs’ supported/older people’s supported housing, by region in England March 2017 

he mean cost of extra care housing at 2008 prices in 2011

Percentage average contribution of each service to total cost when living in extra care 

Summary of AECOM extra care cost model 2015

Characteristics of components of costs across forms of care 

Costs before and after moving to Rowanberries, an extra care scheme in Bradford

Report content


Executive Summary & Highlights


Integrated Housing with Care


  • What is extra care housing
  • Pros and cons
  • Particular forms
  • Dementia and extra care
  • Remodelling to extra care
  • Extra care, care homes and dispersed homecare
  • Extra care housing and health


Other Housing for Older People


  • Classifying housing for older people
  • Sheltered housing and private retirement housing
  • Wardens in sheltered housing
  • Other forms of housing
  • Housing standards
  • Supporting People
  • Under-occupation


Models of Extra Care Housing


  • Profiles of 25 extra care schemes
  • Details of retirement villages in the UK




  • Extra care
  • Homecare
  • Homes England and the Regulator of Social Housing
  • Regulation in Scotland, Wales & Northern Ireland
  • Trade and residents’ organisations
  • Planning consent
  • Tenancies, licences to occupy and tenure


Market Size and Value


  • Sources of data
  • Extra care and other housing for older people
  • Housing with support but not care
  • Market value


Recent developments in extra care by month


Structure of the Industry


  • Managers of extra care
  • Rented housing for older people owned by RPs
  • Private retirement and extra care housing
  • Profiles of over 50 major providers


Demand for Extra Care


  • Demographic change in the UK
  • Frail & disabled people
  • Household projections
  • Demand for extra care
  • Staffing
  • Older people’s preferences


Local and Central Government Policies and Practice


  • Social care green paper
  • Sleep-in shifts
  • Joint Inquiry into Long-term Funding
  • Other legislative changes
  • Changes to access to care packages
  • Self-directed care


Revenue Funding of Extra Care


  • Overview of public funding
  • Housing Benefit and LHA
  • The role of Welfare Benefits
  • Personal social services funding in England
  • Charging for local authority domiciliary care
  • Private funding
  • Affordability


 Capital Funding of Extra Care


  • Government capital funding
  • Private equity capital funding
  • Purchasing private extra care housing from capital
  • The UK general housing market


Costs and Prices


  • Prices for private extra care and retirement housing
  • Charging structures of various schemes
  • Event fees
  • Resale price of extra care
  • Rents charged by RPs for supported housing
  • Living cost of extra care housing
  • Capital cost of extra care housing
  • Comparing the cost of extra care with other care packages




  • References & bibliography
  • Tables not shown in body of report
  • Glossary
  • Financial accounts of over 30 providers